Have you ever been driving along when all of a sudden you hear a “popping” noise? The sound of your cars tire hitting something, like an awful pothole. Well, it’s a lot easier than you think to change your own tire instead of having to call someone to help you or having to call roadside assistance. So, if you’re willing to exert some energy and have the proper tools you will be changing your own tire in no time. Here are the steps you need to take to safely and properly change your tire.

tire1.) Make sure you are on a flat stable and safe place. Your car needs to be on a stable, flat surface to avoid the car from rolling. If you happen to be on or near a busy road, try to park your car as far away from the traffic as you possibly can. Turn on your Hazard lights to alert other drivers that you are there and that you are stopped.

2.) As an extra precaution, to prevent your car from rolling apply the parking break as well as putting your car into park. If you drive, a manual transmission car put your car into either first gear or reverse.

3.) Place a heavy object behind your car’s tires as an extra precaution against your car rolling into oncoming traffic.

4.) Remove the spare tire and jack from your car. In most cars they are both located in the trunk underneath the carpeting. Place the car jack underneath the frame of the car near the tire that you are going to replace. Make sure that the jack is in direct contact with the metal car frame. Most newer cars have a notch on the frame near the front wheel wells or rear wheel wells. This is where the jack is to be placed.

5.) Raise the jack just high enough that it is supporting the car but not lifting it off the ground. Doing this allows you to check to make sure that the jack is in the proper place and that there’s no chance of it slipping out while you are raising the car.

6.) Loosen but do not remove the lugnuts by turning them counterclockwise by using the wrench that came with your car or a cross wrench that you can find at any auto parts store. Loosening them instead of removing them so you know that you are loosening the lug nuts and not just turning the wheel.

7.) At this point you want to jack the car up so you can easily remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare. You can now completely remove the lugnuts. Just continue turning counterclockwise.

8.) Remove the flat tire and place under the car. So, in case the jack slips the car will fall onto the tire and will prevent injury.

9.) Carefully place the spare tire on the hub. Place the lugnuts on the hub. Tighten by hand making sure they are all snug.

10.) Slowly lower the car, making sure not to put full weight on it right away. Tighten the lugnuts as tight as possible.

11.) Lower the car to the ground and remove the jack. Check the lugnuts one last time and tighten more if you can. Place the flat tire in your trunk and take it to the garage for repair.

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You did it!!!!
You should be proud of yourself.